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Renting hotels in Saigon: not that easy

Hey, welcome to Saigon. After getting off from taxi, you have to look for a hotel.

Don’t be surprised! It’s just the unique style of hotels in Saigon. Yes, they’re narrow. It’s not because they’re fake hotels but the owners they all want to make their presence in the main road. They don’t feel comfortable when they have a big hotel in some small alleys, but they’re happy with 3 meters wide and 15 meters tall hotels in main roads. So simply saying, don’t worry, they’re hotels by their own.saigon-hotel First thing to keep in mind – never book hotel online because you may get luxurious rooms without windows and underground. Come and see them in person, you can lower the chance of being cheated.

Make sure that you tell the owner that you want a room for two or three persons because the owners can tell you 10$ but later it will come up as price for 1 person.
single-no-window Did you ever bargain for hotel in your travelling experience? If not, then you have to do it now. If yes, this is a chance for yo to practice. It’s very common to negotiate the price which may help you 1 – 3 USD discount.
vietnam-hotel Never believe the owners about their luxury rooms with air conditioners or European style. Go and check by your own if they have any air conditioner or at least window and make sure that it’s not underground. There you can see air conditioners but I doubt if they work. Check again just for sure.
vietnamese_food If they ever offer you for breakfast, unless you’re sure that you will have something more than 1 egg, refuse it. It’s better to go out and try Vietnamese food by your own. They have heaps of Vietnamese restaurants in district 1 and also street food which appears all around you.

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