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How to take a taxi from airport to city center

Here you are in TSN airport, let’s not count it as coming to Saigon yet because you have to take a taxi to city center, which is another trip after your flight. You have to make sure that your trip in Saigon will not be destroyed by being ripped off from the taxis in airport. Have a glance on these tips.Vinasun-van Walking outside the airport, there would be touters hang around and ask for 30 usd to city center, ignore them, go to your left and you will see taxi stand. There are many kinds of taxi but Mai Linh and VinaSun are preferable for tourists.
saigon-taxi Taxi scammers are still alive and well in Saigon, moreover, taxi drivers have to pay to be let into the airport, they would expect to make the price up by ripping off some unsuspecting tourists, so it’s better to keep in mind some tricks they may use:

  • Asking for 10,000 dong (0.5 USD) for exiting the airport. This is a sign for a bad taxi that you are not recommended to use.
  • Asking for a fixed price to your destination. They may offer you 200,000 or 300,000 dong from the airport to city center, while the reasonable price is 120,000 or 150,000 dong.
  • Even if they give you a reasonable price, they still can claim that it is for one person. You could just walk away from such situation.
  • Not turning on the taxi meter. You must tell the driver to turn on the meter. You should focus and make sure that they do it.
  • Their taxi meters may work faster. Even if they have a working meter, you still need to make sure that it works normally.

If you have Iphone or Ipad, switch on your GPS navigation, you will “help” the driver to go straight forward your destination without showing him the map. He knows that he cannot cheat by driving on wrong way because the tourists he’s driving know the ways to their destination quite well with GPS device.
Here are the rates of taxis as for VinaSun taxis:
For 4-seater:

  • First 1.7 kilometers or less: 12,000 VND
  • Per additional 200 meters up to the 30th kilometers: 1,300 VND
  • Per additional 289 meters up to the 31st kilometers: 1,300 VND
  • Evey minute of wasting time: 1,300 VND

For 7-seater:

  • First 1.7 kilometers or less: 12,000 VND
  • Per additional 200 meters up to the 30th kilometers: 1,400 VND
  • Per additional 289 meters up to 31st kilometers: 1,400 VND
  • Every minute of wasting time: 1,400 VND

price If the driver stops unnecessarily to – for example – checking tire pressure, getting gas,ect., always remind him to turn off the meter! Remember, before getting into taxi you can check the prices of “taxing” by your own. The sticker with the prices will be on the right side of every taxi as shown on the picture above

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