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How to get a visa to travel to Vietnam?

Before wondering about procedure to get a visa, have a quick glance at the list of visa exempt countries to make sure that you don’t waste your time in reading the others’ concerns.
vietnamese-visaList of Countries which aren’t required visa to travel in Vietnam in a certain time:

  • Thailand (stay in 30 days)
  • Cambodia (14 days)
  • Malaysia (30 days)
  • Indonesia (30 days)
  • South Korea (15 days)
  • Singapore (30 days)
  • The Philippines (30 days)
  • Laos (30 days)
  • Brunei (30 days)
  • Japan (15 days)
  • Russia (15 days)
  • Finland (15 days)
  • Sweden (15 days)
  • Denmark (15 days)
  • Norway (15 days)

If you are not citizen of those country and even if you are but you want to spend more time in Saigon than those certain permitted time, you need to know how to get a visa.
There are quite a few sorts of visa to be considered if you are not going to apply for a tourist visa, depending on your purposes.
vietnam-visas-onlineIn general, you can choose either doing visa on arrival (mailing them your passport copy in advance and handing documents when you arrive) or applying in person at Vietnam’s embassy(either at your home country or any other country you are staying in).
Tan-Son-Nhat-Arrivals There is some feedback about complicated process of visa on arrival at Tan Son Nhat airport. After landing at Tan Son Nhat, within documents on hand, you’d have to take a small visa-mission before exploring the city: finding the ‘landing visa’-labelled window and handing your documents including invitation letter and passport photos (two 3×4 photos are required).
Where-to-get-visa-on-arrival-in-Tan-Son-Nhat-HCMC Despite some complexity at the airport, visa on arrival is a bit cheaper (25 USD for invitation letter plus another 55 USD for visa at airport and only US Dollars are accepted in this booth) and longer (it could be up to 3 months) than embassy visa.
vietnam-visa-approval-letter-2 In the other hand, as mentioned above, you can choose to apply visa at embassy which is to come and get a stamp on your passport. Embassy visa allows you to stay here for 15 days or 1 month.
vietnam-embassy-bangkok Another important thing needed to be considered to decide what kind of visa you should take:

  1. If you have 1-month-visa, later you can extend it in Vietnam for 1 month only!
  2. If you get 3-month-visa, you can extend it for another 3 months (25 – 30 USD for each extension plus 15 USD for registration paper if you don’t have any from the hotel or apartment you’re living).
  3. If it’s multi 3-month-visa, it can be extended as multi 3-month and you have to pay accordingly: multi visa costs 150 USD and again 150 USD for one extension.
  4. If you want to have your visa done in 2 days, pay extra 20 USD. You can also extend it few days before it expires.

extensionvisa Extended visa means your visa plus one more stamp showing that you’re allowed to stay more than it’s written on visa, not being provied a new visa.

Attention! If you got any question regarding your visit in Vietnam, or you just need a help, don't hesitate to post your request in comments below. We will be glad to help you!
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