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  1. How to get a visa to travel to Vietnam?

    Before wondering about procedure to get a visa, have a quick glance at the list of visa exempt countries to make sure that you don’t waste your time in reading the others’ concerns.
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  2. How to change your money in Saigon

    Are ATMs available and easy to find around Saigon? Would it be easier to withdraw from ATM or come to currency exchange? Should I expect any exchange office or trustworthy bank here?
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  3. Renting hotels in Saigon: not that easy

    Hey, welcome to Saigon. After getting off from taxi, you have to look for a hotel.

    Don’t be surprised! It’s just the unique style of hotels in Saigon. Yes, they’re narrow. It’s not because they’re fake hotels but the owners they all want to make their presence in the main road. They don’t feel comfortable when they have a big hotel in some small alleys, but they’re happy with 3 meters wide and 15 meters tall hotels in main roads. So simply saying, don’t worry, they’re hotels by their own.saigon-hotel Continue reading…

  4. How to take a taxi from airport to city center

    Here you are in TSN airport, let’s not count it as coming to Saigon yet because you have to take a taxi to city center, which is another trip after your flight. You have to make sure that your trip in Saigon will not be destroyed by being ripped off from the taxis in airport. Have a glance on these tips.Vinasun-van Continue reading…

A Taxi From Airport